5 Reasons Why you Should Move to Dubai

Living in the UAE is a unique, fascinating and extraordinary experience, compared to other countries. People from various countries residing in Dubai. The vibrant city has so much to offer, from breathtaking beaches to world-record-breaking towers, that it’s difficult not to fall in love with it! Dubai has established a strong international reputation in recent years. It features the tallest skyscrapers in the world and the biggest dancing fountain is just two of the attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to this location.

In Dubai, where the skies are often blue, there is never a dull moment. By 2021, the UAE government hopes to rank the nation among the top 5 happiest nations in the world, under the pillars of a cohesive society and preserving the identity of the national agenda.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to call this city home are aware of the many reasons why it is such a wonderful place to live. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should move to Dubai.


Who wouldn’t want to live in a nation with one of the world’s most secure economies? Dubai is quickly accumulating more wealth and is still expanding. Those who work here can earn significantly more than they might in Britain thanks to favourable exchange rates to the GBP and the absence of taxes.

Dubai’s economy is still expanding, and there is evidence of this everywhere, including in the infrastructure, medical facilities, and even the architecture. When compared to the Euro or the US Dollar, Dubai’s currency, the Emirati Dirham, continues to be steady and powerful. When combined with 5% yearly GDP growth, the city’s economy is unrivalled. Although a large portion of this growth is dependent on the labour of foreigners, Dubai companies and businesses pay their employees well.

Moreover, in Dubai, you do not have the burden to pay taxes on your wages. If you’re in the city’s “free zone,” you won’t be compelled to pay any taxes, so all of your earnings are yours to spend whether you work for a company or operate your own business. Additionally, you won’t be required to pay capital gains tax or corporation tax. This is one of the major reasons why people relocate to Dubai.


The greatest area to be if you don’t enjoy cold or snowy winters is where there is sunshine all year round and a few days are below 20 degrees Celsius. Despite the fact that Dubai is frequently very hot, you may still go for a stroll or enjoy the sun in the winter when the sky is clear and the temperature is suitable for outdoor activities. However, if it’s too hot outside, you may chill off inside your home. The luxury apartments for sale in Dubai are well equipped with top-of-the-class amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, a swimming pool, spa treatment and much more. The properties for sale also include many indoor activities like tennis courts, badminton courts, restaurants and clubs.

Cost-Effective Living

Individuals sometimes question how people can afford Dubai because of all the luxury, skyscrapers, and fast automobiles that are associated with it. Numerous designer stores and five-star luxury hotels may be found throughout the city. There are various ways to take advantage of the city’s luxury, such as dining on Dubai specialities and cuisine from around the globe or shopping for high-end clothing. If you think you can’t afford these indulgences, you are wrong. Street food is delicious, hygienic, and offers a variety of international dishes. There are also reasonably priced designer garments from well-known global names like H&M and Hermes.

Dubai is also well-known for its stunning architecture with some of the most prestigious real estate in the world. From low-priced houses to beautiful villas and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai, the city offers a wide range of beautiful homes just according to your needs and budget. Even while it can be pricey in some circumstances, you’ll receive a lot more for your money here than you could ever dream of in other cities across the world.

Standard of Living

The first thing you notice about Dubai when you arrive is that it is a city of leisure and entertainment. There are numerous indoor and outdoor activities like skiing and desert safari. The two biggest shopping malls contain a wide variety of stores as well as a huge number of fast food outlets. You may also visit the mall’s movie theaters, aquariums, ice rinks, as well as many significant historical sites for you to explore. This makes Dubai a vibrant city with all the fun activities to do all year round.

The government’s significant investment in infrastructure is just one of the numerous factors that make Dubai the best city to live in. The healthcare and education systems in Dubai are among the best in the world and up to the highest international standards. This is a compelling argument for relocating to Dubai, whether individually or with a family. Your children have the option to attend the best schools, and you have access to dependable healthcare. The good news is that there are many private schools to choose from, and they all offer either the American or British Curriculum. It is essential to note that parents in Dubai are require to pay school fees, but in exchange, their children receive an exceptional education that should prepare them for further study, which opens career opportunities for them anywhere in the world.


Did you know that Dubai, despite being a sizable, opulent metropolis, ranks among the safest in the world? Due to the tough rules and diligent police force, this has occurred. Many actions that might not be deem crime in other nations are prohibit by local laws. Compared to other major cities throughout the world, the crime rate is low. Both men and women can walk in public without fear of harm or danger. Even though Dubai is an Islamic nation, various faiths cohabit there without conflict. You may freely practice your religion, but be respectful to others.


Moving to Dubai not only entails a change of address but also of your entire way of life. Here, the climate is favourable, the pay is more than enough, the healthcare system and educational institutions meet international standards, and—most importantly—taxes are not due. If you are planning to move to Dubai, and are looking for the most suitable home then Next Level Real Estate is your go-to place. You can browse through an extensive collection of properties for sale in Dubai that fits your preference and budget.

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