Best Bitcoin Rates in Nigeria 2022

Nigeria’s central bank banned banks from conducting cryptocurrency transactions on the 5th of February 2021. This restriction has not hindered Nigerians from joining and thriving in the crypto industry. In October 2021, In a report by blockchain analytics organisation Chainalysis about global crypto adoption, Nigeria was ranked 6th place.

According to another report by cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, over a third of Nigerians between 18 and 60 invest in cryptocurrencies.

The crypto industry in Nigeria has grown so much over the years, and Bitcoin trading apps have emerged to provide Nigerians with convenient crypto trading services.

During the time of the crypto ban in Nigeria, 1 Naira was valued at 381 to 1 Dollar and at the time of this writing, it’s currently at 680 to 1 Dollar.

As the Naira’s value has decreased and grown weaker, Nigerians have begun using crypto more often.

More crypto trading platforms have continued to spring up and provide excellent crypto trading rates to give Nigerians good leverage in the crypto world.

What is the best crypto trading app with the best Bitcoin rates? Let me tell you all about it.

Best Bitcoin Rates In Nigeria – Breet App

Breet App is an over-the-counter crypto trading app where users can sell Bitcoin in Nigeria by receiving it, converting it to cash and withdrawing it straight to their Nigerian bank account.

As mentioned earlier, Breet uses an over-the-counter method instead of a peer-to-peer service. With this method, Breet removes the need for intermediaries. By taking away the third party, Breet guarantees total privacy during your trading process from start to finish.

By using Breet, you are guaranteed a stress-free trading experience with its easy-to-navigate app and fast service.

Breet is so simple to use that you do not need a broad knowledge of cryptocurrency. Breet takes care of all those crypto jargon and confusing graphs so that you can quickly sell your crypto, whether you’re a crypto newbie or have been in the crypto world for years.

In addition to Breet’s spectacular features, Breet also boasts of its exceptional rates.

Breet provides the best rates to sell your Bitcoin to get the most out of your crypto. To take advantage of your investment totally, Breet runs a no hidden fees zone.

While trading, Breet does not charge a deposit or withdrawal fee while trading.

Breet is not limited to Bitcoin alone. You can trade other cryptocurrencies, such as.

  1. Ethereum
  2. Litecoin
  3. Tether USDT ( ERC20, MATIC and TRC20)
  4. Dogecoin
  5. Bitcoin Cash

Features of Breet

1.    A wide array of cryptocurrencies to trade:

As mentioned earlier, you have a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to trade. A detailed list is listed above.

2.    Multiple USDT network types:

Breet provides users with three USDT network options to choose from- ERC20, MATIC and TRC20

3.    Two-factor authentication:

2FA adds an extra added layer of security to your Breet account. With Breet, your funds are kept safe so you can sell your Bitcoin risk-free.

4.    Automatic Settlement:

This new feature makes trading so much easier on the app. When you turn on automatic settlement, your funds are automatically sent to your provided bank account after a transaction. With this, you skip the hassle of manually withdrawing your funds and have them sent to your local bank account immediately.

5.    Referral Program:

Every Breet user has a referral code, and when shared, they earn 200 reward points when they make up to a $100 transaction(s) when shared with someone.

6.    Reward Points:

These are points earned when you make a transaction on Breet. You earn one reward point for every 1 dollar sent to your Breet wallet. Additionally, when new users register, they earn reward points. New users usually earn 100 reward points immediately, but for September (2022) only, new users get 700 reward points.

How To Sell Bitcoin on Breet

  1. On the Breet home dashboard, click on BITCOIN. This will then open up the Bitcoin trade page.
  1. The trading rates on the Bitcoin trade page are displayed according to how much you wish to send.
  1. Next, you need to generate a Bitcoin wallet address. This is where your Bitcoin will be sent to. It is quick to generate and can be done for free.
  1. Send your generated Bitcoin wallet address to the sender, just like how you send a bank account number. To avoid a mistyped address, it is best you copy your address to the clipboard and send it or have the sender scan the QR code displayed.
  1. After a minimum of three confirmations from the blockchain network, your funds will be converted to naira and shown in your balance and transaction history.

How To Generate a Bitcoin Wallet on Breet

  1. Click on BITCOIN, which is shown on the home dashboard.

Easy peasy. As mentioned earlier, your wallet address is free, and you can receive crypto from anywhere in the world.


Breet uses an over-the-counter method to make trading as stress-free as possible for even crypto beginners. It is easy to use and guarantees the best rates to get the most out of your investment and crypto in general.

The Breet App can be used by any individual, small businesses, large enterprises and even developers due to its easy-to-integrate API.

It is available on both Android and IOS. For further enquiries, Breet support is available 24/7, and you can reach them at or Call/Whatsapp at +2348090569499.

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