Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards In 2022

You might be wondering if it’s possible to give your loved ones cryptocurrency as the Christmas season draws near—after all, it truly is the present that keeps on giving!

Using gift cards made specifically for these uses, you can give someone either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Where do you get these gift cards, though? How do you use them, too? Find out by reading on.

 Reasons To Give Crypto

 The year 2022 has been turbulent. People all over the world are struggling to make ends meet as a result of the sharp decline in the value of the US dollar. Many customers noticed their COVID-19 savings suddenly disappeared as food store costs rose. The price of Bitcoin, however, has remained constant. Although it did lose some of its worth at the beginning of the year, overall, it has managed to hold onto its value of almost $19,000 per coin, even though inflation has skyrocketed.

Putting aside concerns about value, there are many things you can do with bitcoin. Giving bitcoin is similar to giving cash, except it has a little more finesse. Additionally, Ethereum gift cards may be used to purchase items in the rapidly expanding metaverse if you’re shopping for a gamer.

Giving someone crypto exchange development is a way to educate them about the future and allow them to use it as they see fit, whether to spend or save. If they choose to keep it, they might discover that its worth has significantly increased a few years from now.

How to Give Bitcoin

 There are various ways to give cryptocurrency as a gift, most of which are discussed on our page. In particular, this article discusses gift cards that may be used to send recipients Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some other currency.

Most markets only provide Ethereum and Bitcoin gift cards. However, Litecoin gift cards are reportedly also accessible. These gift cards can be loaded with any amount you choose (in cryptocurrency), after which the recipient will receive them. The recipient can then use that money by withdrawing it in cryptocurrency.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards in Crypto?

 If you want to get any bitcoin gift cards for the holiday season, keep an eye out because they’re still a little bit of a novelty. Typically, you can find them at post offices, grocers, or big-box stores like Target — anywhere that sells many gift cards. also sells gift cards for bitcoin. You can buy your Bitcoin Gift Card on websites similar to BitCard. There are some scams in this region, so use caution. To ensure your recipient can use their Bitcoin, it is better to purchase Bitcoin gift cards in person from a store or a reputable seller like BitCard or Amazon.

How to Use a Gift Card for Bitcoin

 The procedure required to redeem a Bitcoin gift card will vary depending on the merchant you buy it from, but it should come with the instructions. While most services only require you to have a bitcoin wallet, some, like Bitcard, demand you validate with them.

Encourage your recipient to use their Bitcoin Gift card as soon as possible because it is simple for someone to steal one and spend it instead. A Trezor or other bitcoin wallet is a wonderful present option if your recipient doesn’t already have one.

How to Use Bitcoin to Purchase Gifts

There are numerous ways to purchase gifts with your cryptocurrency if you’ve determined that giving the gift of Bitcoin is a little out of reach for your recipients.

The first is purchasing gift cards using cryptocurrency that you can use to shop. Members of websites like can do this. You may also buy Amazon gift cards using Bitpay, which is equivalent to cash!

Of course, you can stop there and send your recipient a Bitcoin-purchased gift card to their preferred retailer, or you may partake in the Christmas fun and go shopping! The following shops (as of 2022) are among the numerous that will accept Bitcoin as payment:


(Did someone mention video games?)

Shopify (on which a lot of small businesses are run!)



Jewelers Reeds (for those more romantic gifts)

Norway Air

AT&T (if your teen needs a new phone) (if your teen needs a new phone

As you can see, using Bitcoin for the more expensive items on your list is a smart idea. Remember that you may use BitPay to purchase Amazon gift cards, even for the more affordable items!

Presents for Bitcoin Addicts

There are lots of lovely gifts for Bitcoin enthusiasts that you can give, so don’t worry if your holiday budget is lower than usual. For instance, on Etsy, you can buy some Bitcoin earrings for less than $50 and some Bitcoin playing cards for roughly the same amount. If you want to give someone a Bitcoin, some artists have even created coins that look like them. Just be aware that they are merely for show and have no real worth (unless you present them along with a Bitcoin gift card)!

Additionally, Amazon offers a variety of Bitcoin-themed presents like shirts, keychains, and socks. If you’re feeling particularly kind, get your loved one the “I told you so!” corresponding Bitcoin beer mugs and coasters.

Overall, there are various ways to offer the gift of cryptocurrency this holiday season, whether you intend to give cryptocurrency or buy a gift for a loved one with your cryptocurrency. Remember that if you gift someone cryptocurrency, you must also offer them a wallet to store it in!

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Let’s Take a Closer Look at How it Functions:

1. Register for a Paxful account.

You must first register for a free account at Paxful.

2. Look for a deal

Open a Paxful account and log in. Click “Buy Bitcoin” on the top menu bar to look for an offer.

Click “Search for an offer” after choosing your selected payment method (your preferred gift card), entering the number of bitcoins you wish to purchase in your currency, and selecting your preferred payment method.

3. Choose the seller you like best.

Paxful will present the many gift card types available as real-time offers from businesses that currently accept Bitcoin.

Analyze each proposal. Click on the seller’s name to examine their profile, activity, detailed offer terms, feedback history, BTC buy limit, and processing time.

Pick a dependable seller with a good reputation.

Depending on the supplier, you might or might not be required to present photo IDs for verification. Once you’ve chosen your trade partner, click the “Buy” button.

4. Accepting Offer Terms

You will be taken to the offer page, where the terms and information are displayed.  If you agree, click “Paid Search and Buy Bitcoins Now” to proceed.

5. Use a gift card to pay

You’ll view the particular trade page after choosing your desired offer. To ensure that your deal goes off without a hitch, follow the directions on the page.

Use the chat box to contact your vendor directly if you have any questions.

You can always end the deal if, for whatever reason, you decide not to trade with the seller.

Send the vendor the necessary paperwork and a gift code or card that complies with the instructions. Once you have met all the requirements, don’t forget to click the “Paid” button. Once you click “Paid,” the vendor cannot back out of the deal.

I’m done now. Once the seller confirms the payment, your bitcoins will be put into your Paxful wallet.


You are prepared. You now understand how to purchase bitcoin using gift cards.

Even though many websites advertise the ability to purchase Bitcoin with gift cards, it is best to utilize reputable exchanges to prevent identity theft and monetary theft.

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