Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error [Working STEPS- 2022]

Microsoft could not resolve security issues in Windows OS with Windows 10, so that is one of the biggest problems.

Windows 10 is still susceptible to malware, viruses, spyware, and other unwanted harmful programs, as we all know.

Avast, a feature-rich antivirus program that helps protect your computer against viruses, is available.

Many Avast Antivirus users are experiencing an error message that states: Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error. This is very embarrassing. AV Service isn’t responding.

The error dialog also offers the option to ‘Exit’ or ‘Restart Service’ buttons.

This article is for you if you’ve ever had a similar problem.

What does it mean when Avast Says UI fails to load?

Its name is clear: Avast Antivirus UI Failed to Load error refers, in simple words, to the fact that its Windows service does not start as it should.

Remote desktop service can sometimes cause this problem for a few users.

AVG Antivirus users reported the same error.

Why does Avast say that UI failed to load?

An incorrect Windows Services configuration can trigger the UI Failed To Load error in Avast. This error was experienced by most users after Windows Update.

Avast UI Could Not Load Fix

1. Use the RUN dialog box to navigate to services. Use Windows+R to open the Start Menu Search or press Windows+R on your keyboard.

2. To enter the wizard, type services.msc into the search box and hit the OK button.

3. Find Avast Antivirus here. By default, the items are in alphabetical order.

4. Right-click Avast Antivirus, and then click on the Start button. You can go to the next step if the option is grayed out.

5. The screen will display a Service Control prompt, asking you to enable the service. Once the prompt is completed, Avast Antivirus’s status will be displayed as running.

To ensure that the service is running in the background, restart your computer.

How to Fix Avast’s UI Error When It Failed To Load?

These are the steps you can take to fix Avast’s UI Failed To Load error

First, open the Run Dialog using the keyboard shortcut Windows+R.

Next type services.msc then press the Enter key.

Locate Remote Desktop Services in the Services Console.

Finally, double-click and set the Startup Type to Automatic. Service will now be running.

Follow the steps above to restart your computer Then, launch Avast. Hopefully you will not see the Avast Antivirus Failure to load UI error once again.

How to Fix Avast Antivirus UI Failed To Load Error

This may have fixed the Avast error. If the problem persists, you can try the repair method.

Go to Control Panel > Settings > Programmes > Programs & Features.

Click on Avast and click on the Uninstall/Change link.

Next, click on Change and select Repair.

Finally, wait for Avast to fix the program and make any necessary changes.

After the repair is complete, restart your computer. Avast Software has now officially corrected the failed to load UI error in all the current versions of the program.

You can also manually uninstall the program. And then install it using a new copy from the official site. This works for some users, according to Reddit and other forums.

Avast: Best Antivirus Software

A cross-platform internet security software that provides protection against all types of malware and viruses, is one of the most powerful.

The Avast Antivirus can be used on Windows, macOS and Android. Avast Software offers a free version, in addition to Avast Pro Antivirus.

Avast’s most notable features include SafeZone Browser and Secure DNS. Sandbox as well as WiFi Security Scanner and Password Manager

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does “failed to load the UI” mean for Avast?

Services such as antivirus protection, dashboard and other services have not been loaded by the user interface.

These are essential for Avast to function properly on the computer.

2. Is Failed to Load UI error caused by virus?

This could be one reason. Avast service may not start when the computer boots.

It is possible, however, that it will not happen if you disable antivirus before installing unknown files or plugging in a flash drive.


These three simple steps might have fixed the UI Failed To Load error on Avast.

If Avast doesn’t open or the problem persists, you can reinstall Avast from our computer.

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