High-Risk Payment Processors For Your High-Risk Businesses

Nowadays every company, doesn’t matter whether it is online or offline, ought to accept credit cards and other online payments. The company needs to work with the reputable and best payment service provider.

 But the most challenging work is to find the best one. Most payment processing company offer their services to ordinary businesses and retailers. But they do not provide their services to high-risk industries.

There is a huge difference between high-risk and low-risk industries. A business that is more likely to experience fraud, chargebacks, and returns are labelled as a high-risk business. High-risk industries required a high-risk merchant account who is specialized in working with businesses labelled as high-risk. So, for these types of companies, it is essential to have reliable and secure payment processing.

High-risk payment processors offer their services to high-risk businesses. Of course, a high-risk payment processor is pretty expensive but is the only option for high-risk businesses. As a merchant, it is quite difficult to choose high-risk payment processors. But the high-risk payment processor offers many benefits to their customers.

In this blog, we will dig deep into the high-risk payment processors. So, let’s start.

What is a high-risk payment processor?

Most businesses have problems while obtaining payment service providers as their business is considered a high-risk business. So, they deal with high-risk payment processors.

It has different banks and relationships which allows flexibility during underwriting and risk management processors. This specialized high-risk payment processor opens the door for many high-risk industries and offers them reliable and affordable merchant services.

Online payments can be processed over secure networks by a high-risk payment processor. This service does not work alone. It works with the set of merchant services. Merchant services are high-risk payment gateway and high-risk merchant accounts. The combination of these two services helps high-risk merchant to expand their business.

Some of the most common high-risk payment processors used by the high-risk industries are –

Credit card Processing
Check Processing
Payment gateway
Cryptocurrency processing

Who applies for the high-risk payment processing?

A merchant, whose business is labelled as a high-risk business required high-risk payment processing. There are many reasons behind this.

As a high-risk business, they don’t have much support from most banks and financial institutions. This is the reason they don’t get access to merchant services for their business.

As you know, merchant services are essential for any business so that it can run successfully. With the help of the best merchant services, a merchant can run their business in a hassle-free manner and also try to expand their business. Merchant services allow the merchant to accept the fund online.

From whom you can get the high-risk payment processors?

Nowadays, you can find many service provider who is compatible with high-risk business but this type of service provider is pretty expensive.

We PayCly have several years of experience working with high-risk businesses. Such as casino industries, adult industries, forex trading industries, gaming industries, Escort industries, streaming-based industries, online dating industries, social networking services, etc.

We completely understand your business need and we offer you the services which can easily get fit into your business. We deal with many acquiring banks. With PayCly, you can get the best experience in online transactions.

The best things about our services are we offer the lowest rate plans with no unnecessary extra charges. We suggest you go with PayCly, as it helps you to reach the next level of your business with lots of profits.

Benefits of using the high-risk payment processor.

The high-risk payment processor offers many benefits to the merchant. Let’s discuss them one by one.

3D/Non-3D secure –

As your business is labelled as a high-risk business, you need to offer the best and most secure transaction processes. The high-risk payment processor offers 3d secure and non-3d secure payments.

• 3d secure payments – While making the payments, it will ask for an OTP (one-time password). This feature protects consumers against online fraud. It provides a double secure layer.
• Non-3d secure payments – While transacting the fund, it does not ask for any OTP (one-time password). It will transact the fund faster.

As a high-risk merchant, you can choose anyone according to your business needs and demands.

Fraud Prevention –

A high-risk payment processor offers several fraud prevention tools. Online fraud is one of the biggest threads for a merchant who has an online business or accept online payments. So, as a merchant, you need to offer a secure transaction process to your clients.

Nowadays, almost every high-risk payment processor offers anti-fraud tools, fraud-prevention tools, chargeback tools, etc. With these features, merchants will feel safe.

This feature verifies the whereabouts of the transactions even before processing the payments. If they don’t match the prior one, the transaction will end right away. This helps to safeguard customers and companies from online fraud.

Acquiring bank –

This processor has a deal with several acquiring banks or you can also say that it has the support of many acquiring banks. Due to this feature, as a merchant, you do not need to worry about payment processing issues.

In case, if one bank will refuse, another will complete the transaction process without wasting any seconds.


Nowadays, every payment processor offers APM services. This service offer customers to make the payment in the mode of their choice. As you know that everyone wants to make the payment of their choice. Right?

If you as a merchant does not offer the preferred payment mode, customer can easily switch to some other sites. To give the customer the best experience this processor support different mode of payment and also help merchant to accept online payment safely and securely.

This processor offers e-wallets, net banking, UPI, and many more options.

Credit card Processing

Most of the customers want to make the payment via credit card. It is one of the most preferable payment modes globally. This type of option helps you to attract customers.

With this feature, you as a merchant can easily accept the payment with security. This mode of payment can increase the possibility of success for your high-risk business.

Multi-currency support –

This service offers you to expand your business at the global level. This payment processor supports multi-currency. It means that foreign customers can easily make the payment in their currency.

Payment transactions made in foreign currencies will present you with new opportunities for your business growth. As a responsible merchant, this will help you gain the trust of your regular customers. Additionally, you’ll be able to interact with a broader customer community.

Conclusion –

Finding a high-risk payment processor is not an easy task for any merchant. A high-risk payment processor that offers multi-currency support, and multi-payment mode and reduces the risk of merchant issues is key for any business.

Most of the high-risk payment processor price structure is unclear. Most merchants think that due to the high risk in nature they don’t have any other option but this is not completely true.

We PayCly offer you the best services at a reasonable rate. Our service is not only available in the local market. Also support the global market. We can set up the best services according to high-risk business need.

Are capable of handling all the tasks of your high-risk business. We offer advanced anti-fraud and anti-chargeback tools and completely understand your high-risk business requirements.

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