How do you stay alert and prevent potential credit card fraud?

Every year so many people become a victim of credit card fraud. It is alarming to see the number going up year by year despite taking preventive measures. So, what is responsible for this?

Lack of required safety protocol or your ignorance or both can be the reason behind such happening. Fraud occurs when someone else other than you misuses your personal credentials.

They try to steal money using your personal information. However, they don’t intend to return the money. You might have to bear the cost if you don’t take the necessary actions on time.

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It is a horrifying experience for someone who is facing it. You can take away their sleep that the unfortunate event can make them responsible for meeting the stolen money.

However, timely measures can avert such occurrences. For this, you should have a complete idea about what fraud is and how you can protect yourself from it.

This guest post is ready to help you have an explicit understanding of this.

During credit card fraud, what occurs for you?

Now, you already know that this type of fraud is done with a credit card. So, be aware if you are holding one right now! The fraudsters will supposedly use your credit card to make countless purchases.

Furthermore, they can even take out the money from the card to steal it forever. The incidents that can happen in the event of credit card fraud are:

  • Your card might get misplaced or stolen without your noticezw2              
  • Your card might get copied or skimmed. An exclusive swiping device is used for this purpose
  • You mistakenly share your card information with a random person on a call
  • Information gets stolen from the online database
  • Information stolen via email scams
  • By applying a credit name in your name without your permission

How can you ensure the utmost safety of your credit card?

While it is scary, you can avert fraud by being alert. There are ways you can strengthen credit card safety.

Practice online safety habits

Avoid keeping the same passwords for different types of cards and online accounts. It is convenient. But it makes the fraudster’s job easy.

Keep changing your password now and then. This way, it will be difficult for hackers to crack your passwords. Produce passwords randomly and not related to any of your financial habits, nickname, zodiac sign, etc.

Managing too many passwords is not an easy task. But you have to do this to make sure the safeguard of your credit card. Applications like a password manager can help you store password information.

Consider turning on the two-step authentication mode for extra safety. Taking this trick in the case of financial accounts.

Be alert to phishing.

The scammers convince the consumers to reveal their personal information, including credit card numbers also. It is a dangerous threat. You can lose a lot of money if you fall prey to this.

The criminals will try to set a connection with you via phone, text, or email. They will try to win your confidence at first by introducing them as representatives of financial institutions.

If you are alert, you can prevent such events. Don’t entertain any call or message that asks for your credit card information. Block them at once. File a report against them immediately.

Discover skimming

It means stealing either the physical card or the card information that serves the purpose of online shopping. You might fail to recognize if it has happened during a normal transaction at the payment counter.

The fraudster uses a skimming device. To prevent it, you can start using an EMV chip card. Above all, you should be alert while handing over your card to any payment counter. Keep checking how your card is getting used.

Prevent saving credit card details at online sites

Again for the sake of convenience, you store the credit card details while doing online shopping. It might save your time while making the payment. But it can provide an opportunity for fraudsters to steal your information quickly.

Don’t leave your sensible information at this place. It makes violating data breaches easy for online hackers. They can easily fetch this information by breaking into the back end of such online sites.

Besides, anyone can misuse your credit card by stealing your passwords. They can easily carry out online purchases using your card without any hesitation. Deny if such sites ask you to save your card information. Spending extra time re-entering details while shopping is better than losing money due to online theft.

Make sure the website is secure to visit.

Do you have this habit of checking if the website is safe to visit before finally entering it? You should have this, as it makes you a smart online visitor already.

But if you don’t bother to check this before visiting a website, build this habit first. You don’t have to know hard-core coding to find it out. Simply check the left side of the address bar showing at the top of the browser.

You must click on the lock like a sign to verify if this website is safe or not.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi facilities.

Using public Wi-Fi for online transactions is very unsafe. Hackers can easily roam around and break into any system to obtain any information they want. Never attempt any financial transaction using this internet interface. It is a highly risky zone.

The bottom line:

A credit card is a handy thing in your life. You are dependent on it very much. So, be extra alert about the protection of this card.

You don’t need to stop using this card to prevent threats. Check if you are performing the fundamental safety measures to keep your credit card information secure from hackers.

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