How to Start a Business in pine apple Fibre Extraction & Weaving.

High-quality pineapple fiber is used to make good-quality yarn and blend in the textile industry. You can start a pineapple fiber extraction and weaving business. This business requires expanding skills and good networking.


Pineapple fiber is as eco-friendly as jute fiber. Pineapple fiber extraction technology has been developed in South India where pineapple fiber extraction units are running very successfully. Some companies are exporting pineapple fiber products.

N.E. The pineapple-producing states of the region adopted technology from the south and started producing pineapple fiber and fabric.

POTENTIAL OF MARKET: Pineapple fiber is used to weave attractive fabrics, rugs, sarees, etc. Yarns, woven fabrics, woven fabrics, non-woven mats. Photo frames, trinket boxes, gift bags, handbags, belts, baskets, fashion designs, etc.


Capacity utilization.                                                  :60%

Average daily production plan.                                : 8 Kg cloth.

Working days-year.                                                 :22 days in a month and 300 days in a year.

Annual production:

    Door Mat.                                                            800 nos.

Floor covering                                                         800 nos.

Yarn                                                                        2000 nos.

Durry                                                                      1400 nos.

Requirements for Raw Materials: The main raw material of the unit is pineapple leaf which is abundantly available in Madhupur, Gazipur, Moulvibazar Sylhet, Chittagong, Bandarban, Khagrachari, and Rangamati districts of Bangladesh.

Cost of Banana Stem:                :2.00 lakhs

               Misc. items:                :  0.5 lakhs

                         Total:                :  2.5 0 lakhs.

SUGGESTED LOCATION FOR PRODUCTION: For pineapple fiber production, factories should be set up in Madhupur, Gazipur, Moulvibazar Sylhet, Chittagong, Bandarban, Khagrachari, and Rangamati districts.


Pineapple Fiber Processing and Weaving:

Specific care must be taken to extract the natural fiber from the plant to avoid damage.

This mechanical and manual extraction of pineapple fibers was tedious, time-consuming, and had fiber damage. A special machine has been designed and manufactured for extracting banana fiber in a mechanically automated manner which operates automatically. Consists of two horizontal beams to which a comb is attached. Fiber extraction using this technique involves placing a clean section of pineapple leaves on the fixed platform of the machine and scratching the leaves with jaws. Excess aqueous ash of pineapple leaves is cleaned. The fiber After extraction of the fiber, other ingredients are prepared in proportional proportions


The major machine equipment required are :

1.Pine apple fibre extractor2
2.Loom complete with all accessories3
3.Bobbin circle1
8.Misc. itemsL.S.

Major Infrastructural Requirements are:

Dhaka gazipur industrial area  1200sq.ft

Power                                        5KW

With the above machinery, we can start production with labor cost and accessory cost

Where most families in hill villages are engage in fiber extraction for their livelihood.

“Manual fiber extraction from pineapple pseudostem is a difficult task,” said Ms. Kalpana, Research Associate, NRCB.

Ms. Kalpana, who was engaged in a project on physicochemical and structural properties of pineapple pulp, said that pineapple fiber was in high demand, and used to make essential products, yarn, paper, and paper cups, muge  and tea cups. Home furniture and tea bags, attractive design clothes, handbags, and shoes.

Japanese yen notes printed on paper from the fiber of the pineapple variety—abaca—were a tribute to the tear and tensile strength of pineapple fiber, he added.


Pineapple Leaf is a traditional Philippine fiber made from the leaves of the pineapple plant. We can meet the country’s economic needs by earning foreign exchange by meeting the country’s demand from pineapple fiber

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