Innovative Artificial Intelligence App Ideas For Android and iOS

We are now seeing a lot of debates about how machines are becoming smarter and smarter and thinking just like humans.

Have you ever wondered what makes a machine intelligent and able to think? Artificial intelligence is one such technology that is becoming an integral part of mobile application development these days and bringing intelligence to applications.

If you are also considering developing a mobile application that leverages the great capabilities of AI technology, then you have landed at the right place. 

Here in this blog, we are going to share the best AI app ideas for iOS and Android to ensure a successful business.

So let’s get started.

Trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) App Ideas

The following are the most innovative AI app ideas for 2022 for mobile app benefits

1.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

The challenge of dealing with customer inquiries is unmatched by any other business activity.  If you are running an eCommerce business, then this challenge becomes worse.  Also, there is a no-specific time when a user comes across a problem while reviewing your product. Hiring a dedicated customer support executive is an expensive option that many small businesses can’t afford. For such businesses, AI chatbots are serving as a great help.

AI chatbots can be termed as an application program that can communicate with customers. The AI-powered virtual assistant i.e. chatbots evaluate the business information and deal with the high number of business inquiries on their own.

With time, chatbots are becoming smarter due to the unification of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Chatbots are often mistaken for humans when responding to customer queries thanks to their tailored replies. Having a chatbot for your business means your customers can easily get an answer to all their questions in real-time at anytime, anywhere.

2.  AI-Powered Language Learning App

Nowadays when borders are shrinking and people are getting closer to each other than ever.  This leads a lot of people to learn new languages to initiate communication with people.

 By creating an AI-powered language learning app you will attract students and aspirants who are looking for ways to learn new languages without leaving the comfort of their homes. By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, your app will be able to deliver a personalized learning experience tailored according to the preferences of the user.

3. AI-Powered Voice Search App

Have you ever used Google Assistant or Siri? These apps listen to the user requests and then provide them with the relevant answers. You can also develop a similar app that accepts voice commands and performs the tasks on the smartphone.

In the present day, when Siri and Google Assistant have already captured a huge market and both are backed by the leading tech giants, you may find it difficult to compete with them. However you make some efforts and build a mobile app that works accurately, you still have a huge market to cover.

4.  AI-Driven Fitness App

We all know the importance of good fitness but how many of us manage to keep ourselves fit. A hectic lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons why people cannot keep up with their fitness goals.

Creating an AI-driven fitness app that provides users with personalized fitness plans based on their body type will create a surge in popularity. The app can also personalize exercises depending on the preferences of the user to put comfort on high priority.

5. AI-Based Meal Planner App

Health is wealth, right? Without having a proper diet plan you won’t be able to achieve your desired health. You can develop an AI-based meal planner app that suggests customized meal options to people. For more precise results, users can feed their body nutrition requirements, and then the app creates a meal plan to help people achieve their desired health goals.

6.    AI-Powered Traffic Analysis App

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and spent your most valuable time? Nowadays Google maps are also showing real-time traffic situations but still, it needs a lot of improvements. What if you could develop an app that will work in conjunction with the CCTV cameras installed on the road and allow the central authorities to respond to the users with a more precise traffic status.

7.  Vulnerability Prediction Apps

Artificial intelligence fuels the intelligence in mobile apps. Nowadays, when malware attacks are on the rise, it is imperative to take the appropriate steps to prevent malware and protect your app.  The artificial intelligence-based vulnerability prediction apps will automatically detect the attack of malware and send an alert to security teams to ensure timely actions can be taken to protect the security.

8.  Roadside Breakdown Assistance

There are many instances when our car breaks down at an unknown place. In such a situation, we are left with nothing to do except for the help of a local person who can guide us to a car mechanic. Having a roadside breakdown assistance app will be proven to be a great help in such situations.

By making use of your geographical location it will automatically find the nearest mechanics and display their contact information on your smartphone display. In the case of an accident, the app can also be use to notify the police, hospital, and chosen contacts asking for help.

If you are looking for a beginner mobile app idea then this one is perfectly made for you. Developing this AI-powered mobile application will not require any infrastructural development.

Final Take

Nowadays AI is making its presence in every field. If you also want to benefit from the rising popularity of AI then the above-mentioned mobile app development ideas are the best choice for you.

The success of these app development ideas cannot be achiev without the assistance of AI development companies. Therefore we advise you to analyze all the options of AI development companies available for you and pick the best company that will align with your development goals.

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