Tablets for free for AUH members and retirees who have one requirement for access.

Anses continues through the payment plan for 2022. In addition, Enacom maintains the delivery of tablets free get to know more about it here, to the customers of the organisation. The goal is to increase access to technological advances.

The National Social Security Administration ( Anses ) is on track to complete the schedule for July 2022 and is currently preparing the August payment that will comprise benefits like universal Child Allowance (AUH) , Pregnancy Allowance (AUE) retirement, and pensions , in addition to. Others.

In the meantime in the meantime, Ministry of Education maintains registrations for Progress Work , a line of Progress Scholarships that will assist students who wish to complete their education.

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To be specific, from now until December 31, you are able to sign up in”Registered.” “Registered” program for domestic workers. The maximum value of the program is $22,000, and it works with AUH, AUE Food Card and Progresar Scholarships .

However there is it is the National Communications Entity ( Enacom ) keeps their “Connecting With You” plan that grants tablets for free for those who have pensions or retirement benefits, and who satisfy a specific condition. It will also work with AUH and.

Enacom tablets

It is the Connecting With You Program, which is backed by Enacom has the aim of increasing access to digital technology and to encourage the integration of the sectors that are most vulnerable to ICTs.

The tablet program was officially launched in April of this year with Resolution 448/2021. It is in effect until April 22, 2023 , or until the tablets are fully completed .

In the beginning 140,000 tablets are distributed . This number can be increased to 35%, depending how the program evolves.

Tablets of Enacom for retirees: the requirements

Only requirement that is required for retired people and pensioners to use an unpaid Enacom tablet is that they have an income that is less than two minimum vital or Mobile Salaries .

In July, the minimum wage was $45,540 , which means that the monthly sum of $91,080 is not a limit .

Enacom tablets for AUH: requirements

The beneficiaries from the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) are also able to use electronic devices. The beneficiaries of Connecting With You are those who are in your care that are between the ages of 16-18 years old and are people who are members of the family including mother, father or spouse or cohabitant.

Enacom tablets for monotributistas: requirements

In relation to the distribution of tablets for monotributistas Enacom stated the following options:

* “Monotributistas of the categories corresponding to those who have incomes that do not exceed 2 Minimum Vital and Mobile Salaries . Also their sons, daughters and those who are under their custody and are between 16 and 18 years old.”

Tablet for retirees: registration

Monotributistas, retired people and AUH do not need to sign up to get the tablets for free.

Municipal and provincial jurisdictions are accountable to register in the Enacom network and requesting a particular quantity of devices. It is the local jurisdictions that oversee the distribution of tablets.

For more information follow them on their twitter.

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