The Most Popular Blockchain Technology in 2022

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that can be exchanged on a Blockchain network. There are two types of cryptocurrency: private and government. Private cryptocurrency is issued by private entities and used to pay for things that are sold on the Blockchain. All transactions are recorded on the Blockchain. As the number of people using cryptocurrency increases, so will the use of Blockchain technology. It is predicted that the technology and business voip will be more widely used by 2022.


While Ethereum, Solana, and other blockchains are receiving all the attention, Cardano is making a big push to catch up. According to the latest statistics, 40% of the Cardano network is new. The network is also generating interest for NFTs. Comedian Martin Lawrence has launched a NFT collection. Cardano is position to become the most popular blockchain technology in 2022.

Many people associate Cardano with developing nations. These countries are struggling with basic social and financial infrastructure. While governments in the United States and Europe have fully functioning banks and land registry systems, people in developing countries do not. They may not be able to get access to basic services, such as paying taxes. Cardano is well-suit for those situations. Its ability to provide financial identity for people in developing countries is an important factor.

According to CoinPriceForecast, Cardano’s price will average $0.71 by 2022. It could reach $1.18 by 2023. It is predict that the ADA coin reach $1.12 by 2025. In 2026, Cardano could drop to $0.01 and then rebound to $1.38 in 2027. However, if it continues to rise, it could reach $298 by 2031.


R3 created the open-source distributed ledger platform called Corda, which has a wide array of use cases. Although desig with banking in mind, Corda can also be used for supply chain, healthcare, trade finance, and many other areas. Its permission blockchain is widely known for its flexibility and ease of integration with legacy systems. Here are three reasons why Corda is poised to become the most popular blockchain technology in 2022.

R3 Corda is an institutional grade, permissioned, peer-to-peer DLT platform that enables developers to build secure applications for regulated markets. With its secure, permissioned architecture, Corda enables users to build applications in regulated environments for high-value data, digital assets, and smart contracts. Corda’s modular development framework makes it easy to create new blockchain-based projects, and it can handle complex, multi-party workflows.

Hyperledger Fabric

One of the main benefits of Hyperledger Fabric is its ability to support membership services for organizations. Organizations can join a network as either a full node or a light client. These membership services enforce access control to network resources. This makes it a worthy option for finance applications. Hyperledger Fabric is also scalable and secure. The community is actively developing new features and algorithms for the technology, including GDPR compliance and additional privacy options.

Another advantage of Hyperledger Fabric is its ability to accommodate private transactions and confidential contracts. This feature makes it an excellent choice for financial institutions, government agencies, and supply chains that respect privacy and security. HP and other big companies are already implementing Hyperledger Fabric to create enterprise blockchain solutions. Moreover, enterprise blockchain investment has increased by 60% in Europe over the last year. Demand for a blockchain development platform is only expect to increase in the coming years.


Xage is a zero-trust cybersecurity company whose upcoming series B venture funding round will accelerate the use of zero-trust in critical infrastructure. In the past two months, Xage has doubled down on its Series B funding rounds, including an investment from Chevron Technology Ventures. With the addition of Chevron to its investor roster, Xage will be the most popular blockchain technology in 2022.

Bitcoin’s dominance in the market will continue to wane. However, digital assets are being widely adopt , as people exchange them for goods and services. A cryptocurrency game was launch in 2017, CryptoKitties, which uses the token blockchain as its currency. Players can purchase cute little kittens for as much as $100,000. While the game can be purchas on Steam, there are numerous third-party marketplaces that allow users to exchange actual money for virtual goods.

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