Some equipment in the industrial area might create problems, and that problem can be spotted through unusual vibrations or sounds. But there are many equipment also which do not show any obvious symptoms. And in that case, it becomes way too difficult to find out the faulty equipment. The thermal patterns of the equipment can be identified by electrical problems, and if these are not identified, then it might lead to a serious hazard. Moisture problems in ceilings and walls can be very difficult to find before they become serious enough to damage or destroy the building contents. In all these cases, a thermal camera can speed up the diagnosis and reduce or even avoid unscheduled downtime, and minimize damage to structures and contents.   Thermal Camera core

Thermal imaging is one of the most effective techniques used for night vision and now can be used in broad daylight too. Invisible Heat radiation itself harmful, and if we can’t see the radiations, which emitted by every dangerous object regardless of lighting conditions, it can create great harm to the environment.  Thermal Camera core

Uses of a thermal camera

 These cameras widely used for-  

* Most types of equipment.  

* Collecting information and invisible data in any hazardous environment from a safe distance.  

* Make a quick scanning of large areas such as walls, ceilings, and roofs.   

* Gathering data without disrupting production.  

* Quickly identifying irregularities in specific locations.  

* Detecting problems before failure.    

What does a thermal imaging camera see?

It is easy to see things in a clear visible light during the daytime. But even in visible light, you can see only a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light only takes up a small area in the electromagnetic spectrum, and infrared radiation represents a larger percentage. So, if you want to see what’s going on in other different parts of the spectrum, you need specialized equipment. And what better than a thermal camera. It’s the energy that can detected by infrared equipment and displayed as images.   Thermal Camera core

Advantages of thermal camera imaging:  

The best thermal camera in India offers certain advantages, which are-  

1. Uncovering hidden issues-  

Thermal imaging is a new and advanced technique that determines many kinds of a potential defect in the heat propagation of a building. It will help you to ensure the maintenance of the heating economy of your building. Thermal cameras can also detect elevated body temperature through fever monitoring which is beneficial to ensure safety from COVID-19.    

2. Better assurance of repairs-

Using a thermal camera can quickly scan a repaired component or structural area, allowing a technician to verify that the repair successfully completed or identify subtle signs that further repair needed.  

3. Lightweight and easy to use-  

Thermography is suitable for any industrial application. Most thermal imaging cameras are lightweight. Because of their weight, they can easily transported from one place to another; even the camera can put in the bag. It provides great comfort to the users. The lightweight and portable design make the thermal camera a perfect accessory, which required during building inspections, which in turn speeds up the whole process and guarantees a high degree of accuracy in its results.  

4. Improved production rate and quality-  

Using a thermal camera for preventive or predictive maintenance can help to minimize equipment malfunctions and failures and maintain optimum production efficiency and safety. Also, accurate information makes it easier for maintenance teams to fix problems before they result in large-scale losses, thus significantly reducing unscheduled downtime.  

5. Monitor equipment deterioration-  

You can use a thermal imager to monitor the conditions and characteristics of your equipment against predetermined tolerances. Proper monitoring will help you in the prediction of any possible malfunctions or failures that need to repaired or replaced by the deteriorating components before they fail completely and cause any kind of unplanned downtime.    


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