What is ENS?

Ethereum’s Name Service (ENS) simplifies the readability of crypto addresses by turning them into easy-to-understand URLs. The Etheruem Name Service (ENS) or Ethereums Service was designed to replace long names, such as Ethereum addresses or Swarm hashes, which are prevalent in the Ethereum ecosystem, with shorter, more easy to read names. Built on smart contracts, ENS is a dapp based on Ethereum. Wallet addresses can designated unique domain names, so funds can transferred directly to a name instead of an address Smart contracts on Ethereum are the foundation of ENS. The DNS system suffers from a lack of security since smart contracts completely decentralized.

How ENS works?

Long strings of numbers and letters are crypto addresses, which computer programs can read. In the past, long addresses caused confusion and even account losses. ENS, or Ethereums Service, is a digital address equivalent to a website name or email address, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it easier for users to understand crypto addresses.

ENS allows for a very simple name that is easy to read and easy to remember for the crypto address. Users are familiar with long public address cryptos, but ENS uses a short, easy-to-remember name. A complex identifier like “7xGTW23ASWEV8HT5SV0837YTRF23D76WGC” is simplified to “address.eth.”, just because of Ethereum Name Service.As of today, Brave, Opera, Status (mobile), MetaMask Mobile (mobile) and Puma are among the browsers supporting ENS. Browsers such as Chrome or Safari are incompatible with ENS.

As with DNS (Domain Name Service), ENS maps simple website’s names to their IP addresses in order to make crypto addresses easily accessible and easy to understand.ENS is not a domain system by the definition of those terms as defined by ICANN. Using it in this way means it can used in apps that mimic browser functionality, like Mist or Metamask, but there has been no claim made on the “.eth” top-level domain system, which means that is has no access to I CAN .Two Ethereum smart contracts make up the ENS protocol: the ENS registry and the Resolver.

Any trademarks, copyrights, brand names, or any other intellectual property rights not granted by the registration of an ENS name. It is an automated system that does not imply ownership over trademarks, copyrights, brand names, or any other type of intellectual property. Ethereums Service

Ethereums Service – How to get .eth address?

A unique ENS can used to receive any cryptocurrency.

  • For instructions on setting up an ENS, go to the ENS Page.
  • Connecting to the ENS application is as simple as clicking the Connect button. ENS supports a wide range of browser extensions and mobile wallets. Visit the official ENS Web Site for a complete list of supported wallets.
  • Please note: Users should set their own wallet address. The ownership can transferred or resolved to another wallet if you choose. Furthermore, ensure that you have enough ETH to cover any gas, service fees, etc. that you plan to incur.
  • After finding your desired name, you need to add .ETH to the end.
  • You will taken to a page asking you to provide a few mandatory details. If the name provided by you is available.

Begin with writing the registration period. You must register for at least one year.

In order to increase the registration period, use the “-” and “+” buttons. The registration period can also extended in the future.

The Request To Register button will appear once you have mentioned the registration period.

 A .eth domain name can obtained by anyone through a process mediated by the blockchain, called an auction. Initially, users need to wait for the name to become available. And then they become eligible to bid on the said name and reveal their bids later.

A user who wins the name will have the auctioned ETH locked in a smart contract for a year. During which he will be able to add additional data, create subdomains, lease, loan, sell the ETH or do anything that can done with another smart contract.

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