What makes ReactJS so popular for frontend web development?

When it comes to front-end web development, there are multiple choices of frameworks available. Among all those, ReactJS is one of the most popular front-end web app development frameworks.

Reactjs for front-end web development is powered by the JavaScript programming language and maintained by the tech giant Facebook. This open-source framework is powering more than 220,000 websites including Apple, Netflix, PayPal and so many others to name.

Have you ever wondered why ReactJS is so popular? Why do around 74.5% front end developers prefer to work with the ReactJS framework? If so, then this blog is meant to serve you.

Here in this blog, we will help you know the benefits of choosing ReactJS for web application development.

So, let’s get started.

Why has ReactJS taken Over the Frontend Web Development?

Here we have highlighted the reasons why ReactJS stands out from the frontend web development:

Free and Open-Source

One of the biggest reasons behind the increased adoption of ReactJS in frontend development is that it is open-source and free.

No matter how small or large your project is, and which industry it belongs to, ReactJS charges no fee from developers for using the great features of the framework.

It is open-source, meaning any part of the ReactJS community can easily contribute to developing the ReactJS framework to make it more secure and powerful.


ReactJS follows the declarative approach to make sure your code is easily understandable. With this benefit, the process of creating interactive UI becomes much more accessible.

As a ReactJS developer, all you have to do is design the simple views for each state of your web application development project and React will efficiently render the right component whenever you apply any changes.

Declarative syntax also makes it easy for ReactJS developers to debug the codes even before they are noticed.

High Performance

While developing the ReactJS performance was on a priority basis and the framework never fails to impress when it comes to performance. The framework makes use of the virtual DOM program and server-side rendering to make the running of complex apps a smooth journey.

Reusable Components

While developing ReactJS web applications there are multiple instances when developers experience the need for using the components more than one time. In such cases writing the components once again from scratch is not a good decision as it requires a lot of time and increases the complexity of the project.

In such cases, ReactJS takes the lead by offering the functionality of reusable components. It saves the developers great amounts of time they need to invest in writing similar code again and again. By doing so, the process of debugging also becomes a lot simpler. At the time of making changes, developers need not make changes at every occurrence of the components. They can make changes in the single components and it will be updated automatically at all occurrences of the components with immediate effects.

SEO Friendly

Every online business starts with the aim of the goal of seeing success. Success cannot be reached without being noticed by the users. Developing SEO-friendly will slightly reduce your marketing efforts and propel your business to reach its target audience.

The fast rendering of the ReactJS goes a long way to reducing the page load time which results in a higher search engine ranking of the websites.

Strong Community Support

ReactJS is backed by the tech giants name Facebook, therefore you can expect strong community support.

A huge number of ReactJS developers are available to make your experience with React trouble-free. Whenever you face any problems, you can seek guidance from your fellow developers.

The number of benefits ReactJS can deliver is overwhelming. In the wake of these challenges, if you decided to develop your web application project using ReactJS, then your very first step is to hire a reliable ReactJS development company.

How to Find the Right ReactJS Development Company?

Finding the right ReactJS development company can be as difficult as finding a diamond in the sea. There are hundreds or thousands of ReactJS development companies in India. You have to be aware of several factors to make the right selection:


Experience is the very first and foremost important factor you can consider to filter the companies. Make sure the company you choose has experienced more than 5+ years in IT development services. Experience makes sure that you receive the work that is best suited to your expectations.


Workers speak louder than the word of the company. Ask the company to provide you with a portfolio of the projects they have done in the past. If possible, ask them to provide you with a relevant portfolio related to ReactJS development services. Examine the portfolio of the company carefully to see how well the past projects were built, the level of success they have received, and so on.

Client Testimonial

How the client responds to the services of the ReactJS developers is also essential to figuring out their expertise. Go through all the client testimonials you can to make sure the company values its clients.

Customer Support Services

No matter how perfectly they have built the project, with time it is obvious to upgrade it to meet existing market demand or it starts behaving strangely. In such cases, having customer support services make sure all the up-gradation to your web app is applied successfully. Also if any problem occurs after the deployment then the company will fix the issue on a priority basis to ensure the smooth working of the web application.

Final Take

The popularity of ReactJS is surpassing the frontend development. With time more and more developers are recognizing the capabilities of ReactJS and adopting it for all their frontend web development projects. If you are also considering availing of ReactJS development services, then pick a web development company and give wings to your dream project.

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