8 College Tech Essentials Students Must Have

In this digital era, college essentials are more than just pens, pencils, and textbooks. Some tech essentials like a laptop, monitor, charger, adapter, mouse, stylus, webcam, and keyboard are the need of the hour. A student without these electronic gadgets is likely to make his or her day a bit harder.

These accessories help students work with maximum efficiency and comfort. Learners can consistently perform best and make their college life a breeze, on and off campus. Find here the top College Tech Essentials that every student must have.

A Monitor

A computer with a quality monitor is a must for your dorm. College students need to work long and use photo editing or other graphically intense programs. So, an advanced monitor is essential. Pick one with a thin and lightweight design, and multiple connection ports to plug them into computers, gaming systems, and other items.

A few models also have tilt and height adjustment features. For the most demanding game, opt for a 4K monitor with superior graphics detailing and a fast refresh rate to add fun to your college life.

A Laptop

Topping the list of college tech essentials, a laptop offers ample benefits to students by acting as a more efficient and detailed note-taking tool. It is a convenient group work machine, allowing faster writing and editing. From registering for daily classes to communicating with classmates and teachers, from accessing notes to appearing for exams, this electronic device is a necessary resource to be an intelligent student. Choose a laptop with excellent battery life and compact designs so that you can use it even on the go.

A Laptop Cooling Mat

A laptop cooling mat is an absolute college tech essential that should not be overlooked. The mat will keep your laptop cool and let it function at its best even when you work hard for longer. The machine will achieve a lower temperature and can stave off overheating.

A Laptop Lock

A laptop lock is a theft deterrent, ideal for keeping your device safe. Similar to the best antivirus you use for protecting your data, files, and personal information, a laptop lock is super important for students to keep their personal belongings safe and secure. With it, casual thieves can’t wipe your important data and file off of your table or desk.

A Stylus

Add an active pen or stylus pen for touch screen laptop to your shopping list. These pens enable students to write on the screen of a tablet or laptop. If you use it on a consistent basis, you should look for one which is comfortable and lightweight to hold.

Next, check palm rejection and pressure sensitivity. Pick one that offers quick-access side buttons for easy use. Plus make sure the stylus has a USB port to connect your device to it so that you can use it wirelessly. This electronic tool is necessary for everyday drawing or writing purposes.

A Webcam

Have a high-quality, HD webcam to make your online learning a seamless experience and take your face-to-face online communication to the next level. It is important because a webcam allows you to partake in day-to-day classroom and lectures. You can interact with other students to study together or work on a project together.

When choosing a webcam, make sure it is HD and has autofocus technology with a seamless microphone. It needs to be easily connected to your computer or tablet.  Most of today’s webcams support high-definition video. Opt for a minimum of 720p or higher resolution. However, 1080p is better and more common, and affordable.

A Docking Station

A docking station is helpful as it provides a desktop experience without investing in a larger computer. With features to attach multiple devices, it can reduce the number of cables needed and make a clutter-free desk. Since it allows multi-display functionality and port availability, students can complete their projects faster than ever.

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A Portable Charger

Always keep your laptop fully charged with a portable backup charger. It is college essential too, especially when you are on the go. When buying one, make sure it is designed especially for the make and model of your laptop. Check the model number of your device within the information in your settings or on the sticker on the bottom.

Use this model number whenever you buy student essentials for your laptop or computer to ensure that what you buy is compatible with your system.


Besides the above electronic items, you should also consider tablets, data storage, headphones, a digital audio recorder, and gaming equipment like a gaming mouse, keyboard, and backpack. With these college tech essentials, you will be ready to read, work comfortably, take notes, study, and communicate whenever you are. When choosing these tech necessities, make sure to pick high-quality, innovative products that are backed by a warranty.

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