How can I buy products from USA for personal use without paying heavy import duty in UK?

Finding how you can buy products from the USA for personal use without paying heavy import duty in the UK, then below are the best options. We often buy USA goods only because they aren’t accessible in the UK.

Maybe you may wish to send something to your loved ones in the UK if you reside in the USA. However, shipping from the US to the UK can be extremely costly and challenging.

Typically, the custom charges are pretty expensive. Additionally, the package can be kept for months at the port. There are stringent security inspections and a high excise duty tax at the UK border.

With the help of this article, you’ll be able to identify shipping services that are both affordable and reliable at getting your packages to consumers in the UK on time and in excellent shape. We’ll go over how to buy products from the USA to the UK and some tips to get the slightest prices from the USA To the UK.

How to Buy Products from the USA And Ship Them to the UK

Here are five of your top shipping choices without paying heavy import duty in the UK

Ask a family member to help you.

This one should be obvious. We have all attempted at some time to import desired things with the aid of a relative who lives overseas. In addition to being the most affordable way of importing, it also spares you from paying freight costs. You will not be required to pay custom charges as long as you ship single items. The inability to send items in bulk is the one negative.

Amazon Worldwide

Amazon Global is the most practical international shipping option and is a lifesaver. Absolutely no hassles are involved. Look to see whether the item is “AmazonGlobal Eligible” before purchasing on Amazon. The items often qualify for free international delivery as well.

Entering your UK shipping address is all that is necessary to complete the process. You must pay with a credit card that can handle global transactions. Not all goods can be shipped via this option, given that Amazon Global is a relatively new service. 


Shipping is straightforward with ShopUSA. You’ll mail the item you’ve chosen to the USA address shown on the website after making your purchase. ShopUSA will send it in 2-4 days to an Indian address.

Compared to other companies in the sector, their shipping costs are 85% less. To prevent customs delays, you might prepay your fees and taxes. Additionally, they provide services like refunds, consolidation, repacking, and more. Delivery times are short.


You must use their website to make your desired product purchase to use the service. The procedure is straightforward. Your order is sent to their warehouse, where they inspect it, confirm your purchase, and then send it to the specified destination in the UK.

It is its main advantage that iBhejo handles the customs duties on your shipment. The website does not provide a wide selection of items, which is a disadvantage. In any case, it is a huge relief not to have to pay custom charges.

Tips to Get the Best Prices from the USA To the UK

Every day, USA merchants offer fantastic pricing and bargains, and there are a lot of techniques you can use to ensure you don’t miss out. You can make sure you save the most money possible while buying online by following a few easy steps.

Seek out coupons

When you purchase online, many merchants provide discounts that might save you money or provide free delivery. Some American merchants publish these coupons directly on their websites, but you may often uncover additional reductions by using search engines. Search engines like Google utilize filters to display just results from your country when you search from outside the United States.

Compare costs

Several vendors often sell the same goods, and prices might vary significantly. To ensure you always obtain the best deal, you may utilize tools for business pricing comparison.

Register for Offers

Some merchants provide discounts and vouchers solely for subscribing to their emails. For instance, you automatically get 20% off any single item from the H & M website when you sign up for the H & M newsletter. Even better, merchants often use their newsletters to promote promotional pricing, exclusive offers, and discounts for newsletter subscribers. You could simply be eligible for special savings by signing up for the free email.

Since several merchants send newsletters and special offers regularly, we advise setting up a second email account just for retailer newsletters. But remember that special deals are only valid for a short period, so check this email account often.

Cut Shipping Costs

If you’re an overseas customer purchasing from U.S. merchants, you’ll want to ensure you obtain the most affordable shipping options. While many shops provide free or inexpensive domestic delivery, they demand exorbitant prices for shipping to foreign consumers. Always utilize reasonable, cheaper shipping costs when making purchases from American merchants.


Bringing items into the United States is not a complex process. If the price of an export purchase does not already include American tax, it is essential to have that tax into the total cost of the transaction.

VAT rates vary from state to state, and some even specify an expected range. During a recession, five and twelve percent of the labor force was out of work. However, import tax must be paid on any items brought into the UK from the United States.

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